Heterogeneous Digital-Analog Quantum Dynamics Simulations

schwingerWelcome to the "Heterogeneous Digital-Analog Quantum Dynamics Simulations" (HDAQDS) project homepage. We are a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists, applied mathematicians, scientific application domain experts, and quantum computing researchers. Our team is funded by DOE EXPRESS Quantum Algorithms Team (QAT) Research program to develop novel quantum simulations algorithms for scientific applications in Correlated Electron Systems, Nuclear Physics, and Quantum Field Theory. We take a heterogeneous approach to quantum simulations and study quantum-classical algorithmic primitives in which classical computers are utilized as a part of the solution alongside with quantum hardware. We also combine quantum digital and analog simulation methods as a way to reduce simulation circuit depth and mitigate quantum errors. Our primary interest is in quantum dynamics simulations and ground state properties of strongly correlated many-body system.